Lyng Church of England Primary Academy

Learning, Growing, Achieving Together

Vision, Aims and Values

Together within our church school family, we sow the seeds of success, to grow happy confident individuals who become life-long learners, believing in themselves and aiming high.

Our Aims are to

  • Help children become confident in their self -esteem and capacity to learn.
  • Enable children to build positive relationships with other people, to understand and respect people, communities and environments, near and far.
  • Enable all children to be successful learners who achieve their personal best and make good progress during their time at Lyng CE Primary Academy.
  • Engage children in their learning with high quality teaching, fostering a love of learning
  • Build effective partnerships with families and the wider community.
  • Inspire learning in a wide and wonderful curriculum where experiences extend beyond the classroom.

Supported by:

  • Providing a safe, caring and supportive environment in which we can happily learn together
  • Ensuring everyone feels welcomed, included and valued as an individual.
  • Upholding Christian values, ensuring they are at the core  of  our school community

In order to achieve our aims, we share these principles:

  • We all work hard to achieve the best we can, and to reach our goals.
  • We celebrate achievements whilst acknowledging that mistakes are part of learning.
  • We are all different, yet we respect each other ,accept and celebrate that we bring different beliefs, experiences, skills and talents.
  • We are a Christian school, whilst we recognise that the people within it may not be.
  • We are all responsible for treating everyone equally, keeping each other safe and cared for.

Our Christian Values

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