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Learning, Growing, Achieving Together


Team points

All children have a team point card, earning team points for their efforts with learning, behaviour and positive attitude around school. Each time a team point is awarded, the school adult signs the card.

The card is full when it has 25 points. A team point certificate is then awarded and the child brings this home.  A new second team point card is then issued. Over the year, the number of certificates can increase, with most children achieving around 6-7 certificates, although we have had children achieving 12!

Team points are also counted each week, and count towards the school House team total.

The running total is announced in Celebration assembly each week.

Last term, the Kingfishers were the winning team.

Gold Book

Gold Book certificates are awarded in Celebration assembly when a child has been entered in the ‘Gold Book’ for excellent learning/ attitude.  The class teacher sends the child to see the Headteacher who enters them into the Gold Book. The certificate is taken home, and explains the reason why he/ she is in the Gold Book.

Examples of Gold Book entries include:

  • ‘Meeting your targets in writing’
  • ‘Super work at home, researching Ancient Greeks for your topic’
  • ‘Great teamwork in making a model of London Bridge ‘
  • ‘Working hard to improve your story writing’
  • ‘Learning all your sounds’

Play Pal Award

This is awarded by the midday supervisors, promoting positive lunchtime behaviour.

Examples include:

  • ‘Helping a new child to find their way outside’
  • ‘Being generous, giving your time to help a child in a game’
  • ‘Being polite at the dinner table’

Headteacher ‘Superstar’ Award

This is a weekly award from the Headteacher for a child who has demonstrated an excellent attitude or Values around school, shown through particular actions during the week.

Examples have included:

  • ‘being an excellent role model when meeting a visitor’
  • ‘showing courage in demonstrating a skipping game to the school’
  • ‘excellent listening and thoughtful responses on the school visit’
  • ‘exemplary behaviour during skipping day’
  • ‘showing compassion when a friend was upset’


We value good attendance, and want to encourage good habits  for attendance and punctuality.

We award termly attendance certificates for children with 100% attendance, and at the end of the school year, Bronze (98%), Silver ( 99%)  and Gold ( 100%) certificates are awarded for annual attendance. Gold Attendance Certificate winners also receive a prize.

Out of school achievements

We love to hear about children’s achievements out of school, and we provide an opportunity for children each week in our Friday Celebration assembly for children to share these with the school.

It could be participating in an event, getting a commendation in a competition, achieving a certificate or passing an exam…

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