Type                                                   Name                                                             Office End                        Register of Business


Foundation Bishops Governor                                                                                                                          N/A

Foundation Governor                    Mrs Helen Smith                                           21.03.20

LA Governor                                     Mrs Janet Cummings                                   21.03.20

Parent Governors                            Mr Stefan Iwanczyk                                     18.05.18

                                                            Mrs Laura Mouland                                     20.06.19                           Employed by N.C.C.

                                                                                                                                                                               (less than 500 hrs)

Co-opted Governor                        Mr Edwin Pearson                                         20.06.19

Headteacher                                    Mrs Helen Watson                                         N/A                                   Employed by N.C.C.

Staff Governor                                 Mrs Dawn Swann                                           17.01.16                          Employed by N.C.C.

Associate Member                          Mrs Jo Carlile                                                  N/A                                   Employed by N.C.C.

Clerk to the Governors                  Mrs Camilla Davis                                           N/A                                   Employed by N.C.C.

Governors serve for 4 years.  Parent Governor elections are held at the end of a Governor’s term of office, or when a vacancy occurs.  Co-opted Governors remain on the Governing Body as long as their skills are required.  Nominations and ballot papers are sent out by the Headteacher.  Associate Governors are appointed by the Governing Body for their particular input for the duration of a project.