Homework is viewed as reinforcement or enrichment of the curriculum provided in school and is directly linked to work being done in the classroom, either as a follow-up to classwork or preparation work for future lessons.

We believe homework helps children develop self discipline, develop learning skills and to understand that learning can take place beyond the classroom.  We feel it is also a valuable opportunity for you to share in and support your child’s learning. All children have a daily reading book and choose books regularly from the school library to read at home. Spending time reading to and with your child is important at whatever stage and skill level they have aquired.Children with independent reading skills benefit from practice in discussing books and stories, whilst reading aloud encourages fluency and expression.  Frequent reading therefore forms an important part of  homework for all children. The youngest children may also have some key words or spellings to learn or information to find. As children move through the school, they will have regular homework such as spellings or times tables to learn.Children may also be asked to find information, collect or research to support learning in topics being studied.  Homework builds up in Y6, where children are expected to tackle more work, when they will be preparing for their move to high school.

Homework activities will always be explained to your child-if, however, your child is unable to complete the work, for any reason, then please contact the classteacher, who will offer further guidance.

Every term, each child receives a booklet to take home which outline termly themes, with learning targets for literacy and mathematics, and indicates how you can support your child at home.


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