Parents’ Update on School Closure and Home Learning

Please also see our Parent Advice and Support for information on safeguarding, agency support, school meals.

Dear Parents

We all hope that you have been able to enjoy family time together over the Easter Break, especially out in the garden or for a walk in the sunshine and warmer temperatures.

Due to the continuing school closures, class teachers have prepared weekly activities for your child, and these have been added to the Home Learning section on our school website, starting from Monday 20th April).  These will be refreshed each week.

We recognise that home learning is not ‘school’, and that having the children at home all day, whilst trying to help them learn, and get on with day to day living has its own challenges.

We therefore hope that you will find the activities manageable and supportive, as class teachers are expecting them to be completed as much as possible.  Our activities will help your child to keep up with learning, and maintain a learning routine, so that when we are able to return, it will be easier to settle back into school. Many of the activities are practical, and able to be completed together as shared activities. Please keep records of learning, on paper, models made, photos, videos etc if you can.

You may have already established a routine that is working for you as a family, but if not… Providing everyone stays well, please find below a few thoughts on managing learning during this continuing school closure.

  • It can be very tempting for children (and parents!) to see the closure as an extra holiday, but it is likely that boredom for children can set in if this extended time away from school is it not well managed. We all recognise the ‘children being ready to be back at school’ after the long summer break- and that’s when we have been able to get out and about.
  • A schedule is important, and try to stick to it as a routine, predictability and structure works well for most children.
  • Seek to maintain routines and times for bedtimes, mealtimes
  • Work in a way that suits your child and the family day, eg is it better to do most of the tasks at the same time such as after breakfast, or spend an hour in the morning and again in the afternoon?
  • Create weekly and daily activities so that your child knows what is happening when.
  • Have a number of tasks to complete during each day and tick them off as they are completed. Ensure there is ‘down time’ for everyone too.
  • Build in time for other activities that could be weekly or more frequently – something creative/ art/ cooking / gardening/ following your children’s interests.
  • Keep active, and try to do something each day- indoors could be ‘Joe Wicks’ on You Tube, dancing, outdoors could be garden games, skipping games, keepy –uppy challenges… or going for local bike ride for example.
  • Try to make weekends a little different, don’t do any ‘school work’ on these days, keep some activities just for the weekend.
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